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American Intelligence Journal, Vol 32, No 1

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American Intelligence Journal
Volume 32, Number 1
New Paradigms in Intelligence Analysis

Editor's Desk
New Paradigms – Old Wisdom - by LTG (USA, Ret) Patrick M. Hughes
Doing More with More: The Efficacy of Big Data in the Intelligence Community - by Maj (USAF) Brant C. Reilly
Psychology of Alternative Analysis - by Benjamin B. Anderson
Intelligence Analysts Not Providing Options for Consideration to Policymakers: An Anachronism Whose Time Has Passed?
by Marty Z. Khan

Building Analysis: An Alternative to Art or Science - by Kelly N. Davidhizar
An Interpretive Sociological Framework for the Analysis of Threats - by Dr. (CAPT, USN, Ret) David D. Belt
A Counterintelligence Analysis Typology - by CDR (USNR) Kevin P. Riehle
The Role of the Zimmermann Telegram in Spurring America’s Entry into the First World War - by Puong Fei Yeh
The Greater Middle East’s Fifth Historical Wave: Revolutionary Upheavals, but Game-Changing Progress?
An Application for Preemptive Early Warning Intelligence Analysis - by Dr. Joshua Sinai 

Understanding ISIL: How History Explains Ideology - by Dr. Rasheed Hosein

The Iraq War: Bad Intelligence or Bad Policy? - by Joshua Kameel 

A Scrum Approach to Integrated Intelligence - by Dr. Ronzelle L. Green

Predictive Threat Analysis of American Espionage - by Ric Craig and Dr. James Hess 

Locally Nuanced Actionable Intelligence: Qualitative Analysis for a Volatile World - by Dr. John Hoven and Joel Lawton

Propositional Diagrams for Intelligence Sensemaking: Examples and Case Studies - by Dr. Robert T. Hoffman, Tom Eskridge, Dr. Simon Henderson, Jonathan Jenkins, and Brian Moon

A Novel Computer-Assisted Personality Profiling Methodology: Illustrating Psychological Analysis via Former
Egyptian President Morsi’s Speech to the United Nations - by Yair Neuman, Yohai Cohen, and Golan Shahar

From Crowds to Crystal Balls: Hybrid Analytic Methods for Anticipatory Intelligence - by Melonie K. Richey 

The U.S. National Security Pivot to Asia: A Socio-Cultural Approach to the Western Pacific - by LT (USN) Jason K. Gregoire

Unmanned Aircraft, Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment - by SrA (USAF) Herschel C. Campbell and Dr. James Hess 

What’s in a Name? Waging War to Win Hearts and Minds - by Dr. Robert J. Kodosky

Two CIA Reports: Hungnam, North Korea - by Bill Streifer 

Profiles in Intelligence series...
The "Great Gouzenko": Political, Intelligence, and Psychological Factors in the Defection that Triggered the Cold War
by Erik D. Jens 

Bearing Silent Witness: A Grandfather’s Secret Attestation to German War Crimes in Occupied France
by McKay M. Smith 

In My View...
Army Intelligence: Where Are We Now?
by CPT (USA) Charles A. Harrison III 

NMIA Bookshelf
Michael Warner’s The Rise and Fall of Intelligence: An International Security History
reviewed by Dr. Edward M. Roche 

Steven O’Hern’s Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: The Threat that Grows While America Sleeps
reviewed by COL (USA) William Phillips 

Larry L. Watts’ Extorting Peace: Romania and the End of the Cold War, 1978-1989, Vol. 2
reviewed by LTC (USAR, Ret) Christopher E. Bailey 

Nigel West’s Historical Dictionary of Signals Intelligence
reviewed by Col (USAFR, Ret) Michael Grebb 

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