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American Intelligence Journal Vol 31 No 1

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American Intelligence Journal Vol 31 No 1

Intelligence/Information Support to Small Unit Operations

Editor's Desk 

Preparing the Air Operations Center to Leverage the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capabilities of Current and Future Aircraft - by Maj (USAF) Richard G. Vasquez


Transition Planning for the Intelligence Community in Afghanistan:  Adaptive Frameworks Unifying Future Missions, Enduring Capabilities, and Resource Implications -      by Dr. Andrew Trice, Hannah Powell, and William Patchak


Human Intelligence Operations in ISAF - by Erik D. Jens          


The Social Context of Clandestine Operations - by Dr. Alf H. Walle       


Supplementing Shadow’s ISR Capabilities with Longer-Enduring Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems - by 2LT (USA) Matthew Polek 


Culture for the Masses?  Supporting Small Units with Cultural Intelligence - by Dr./LTC (USA, Ret) Lawrence E. Cline             


Finishing Strong:  Adjusting Intelligence Practices for the Drawdown in Afghanistan - by MAJ (USA) Michael J. Adamski       


Cartel-Extremist Relations:  Increasing Concerns at the U.S.-Mexico Border - by Briguette Carstensen         


The Shock of ‘First Lightning’:  An Intelligence Failure? - by Bill Streifer and Irek Sabitov               


A Failure of Imagination in the U.S. Intelligence Community - by David R. Hoover           


Government Draws upon the National Language Service Corps for Foreign Language Skills - by Wanda Penn           


Cyber Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual (JMEM) - by Dr. Mark A. Gallagher and Dr. (LT, USNR) Michael C. Horta         


Cyber Warfare:  A Misrepresentation of the True Cyber Threat - by Troy E. Smith            


Fixing Intelligence:  Reforming the Defense Intelligence Enterprise for Better Analysis - by Welton Chang   


A Lack of Process:  Why the Intelligence Community Finds It Difficult to Assess Military Threat - by John J. Robb  


Assessing Foreign Intelligence Threats - by CDR (USNR) Kevin P. Riehle              


Dark Networks and the Missing Link Inference Problem - by Dr. Thomas F. Litant            


Integrating ISR with Small Unit Operations:  An Airman’s Perspective - by Maj (USAF) Robert D. Folker, Jr.               


Profiles in Intelligence series...

Colonel General Ludwig Beck:  Conspirator - by Dr. Kenneth J. Campbell            


In My View...

Drones:  The Psychological and Cultural Effects of Gaming/Kill Operations in the Future of War - by A.P. Mathew   


NMIA Bookshelf

Philip H.J. Davies’ Intelligence and Government in Britain and the United States:  A Comparative Perspective reviewed by Judith Boyd                 


Tony Schwalm’s The Guerrilla Factory:  The Making of Special Forces Officers, the Green Berets- reviewed by LTC (USA) Alexander D. Stephenson          


Fawaz A. Gerges’ The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda- reviewed by William S. Combes            


David M. Barrett and Max Holland’s Blind Over Cuba:  The Photo Gap and the Missile Crisis- reviewed by Joseph W. Caddell           


Vali Nasr’s The Dispensable Nation:  American Foreign Policy in Retreat - reviewed by LTC (USA) Joseph Becker                 


Glenmore S. Trenear-Harvey’s Historical Dictionary of Atomic Espionage - reviewed by CDR (USNR, Ret) Calland Carnes 


Review Essay

GEN (USA, Ret) Stanley A. McChrystal’s My Share of the Task:  A Memoir

Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor’s The Endgame:  The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama

Peter L. Bergen’s The Longest War:  The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al Qaeda

        reviewed by Christopher N. Bailey


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