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The National Military Intelligence Foundation (NMIF) is “organized to advance public awareness of the role in, and contributions to society, of military intelligence organizations, disciplines, analytical methods, techniques and personnel.”

The NMIF and NMIA jointly sponsor the National Military Intelligence Awards Banquet.  Awards are presented to intelligence professionals from the Military Services, the intelligence combat support agencies, and other organizations within the national Intelligence Community that support military intelligence activities

The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) is a national association of intelligence professionals. NMIA was founded in 1973 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Members include military and civil service professionals actively engaged in military intelligence careers as well as reserve, former and retired intelligence personnel and U.S. citizens who have an interest in intelligence and support the vital role of military intelligence in safeguarding our nation's security.

The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) has been the premier professional association for practitioners of military intelligence since its inception in 1974.  NMIA is expanding its efforts to provide scholarships for studies in intelligence, to recognize intelligence professionals for outstanding contributions to military intelligence, and to provide public education about military intelligence activities, organizations, and careers.

In order to compete more effectively for contributions and charitable donations, NMIA has established a nonprofit public charity to support the public recognition, education, and scholarship efforts of the Association.  The National Military Intelligence Foundation, Inc., came to corporate life as an IRS Code 501(c)(3) public charity on August 7, 2007.

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